We try to keep the terms simple in that there is no long term deposits & just four weeks rental upfront. We will only take a booking if you intend to move in within 7 days. If you wish to book earlier you would have to pay rent for the time difference in the rental. You have to take into account we rent rooms to lodgers at the equivalent of around £16.00 per night. Any B&B or Hotel would be a minimum of £50.00 per night. 
After the 1st 28 days, we can come to an arrangement of 14 days. For this, you would pay two weeks upfront & a further one week after seven days. This means you would always be 7-14 days in front of your rental.
Pets. We dont allow any pets of any type due to other lodgers & myself having possible allergies & also causing damage.

Sorry to say we dont except any persons that maybe on DHSS befits or similar due to passed lodgers track record. Also we have a strict no smoking or Vaping on any part of the property. Please dont apply for a room if you do.
A lodger will be asked to leave if behind with the rent or disturbing other lodgers. This can be immediate in certain circumstances.  
The rear garden of the property is a private area for myself, but you would be welcome to use the clothes line for your washing.




We accept bank transfer & cash only. "No cheques or credit cards" We will accept  PayPal as a £50 deposit per room or a bank transfer & the balance of the 4 weeks on arrival. 
We don't do any daily rates with a minimum of 7 days after the 1st 28 days.

Room prices for 2022

Large on-suite king-size with side room / study =       £130 PW / £563.33 PM / £6760.00 PA       Terms Please read 
Large king-size shared bath with one other room =    £115.00 PW / £498.33 PM / £5980.00 PA
Double with shared bathroom with one other room = £110.00 PW / £476.67PM / £5720.00 PA

Please note all rooms are single occupancy only. We don't mind a friend or family member stays overnight, but we would fall onto HMO rules if more was living here which would mean an increase in the rentals. 

Bank transfer details Name: C Morris Sort Code 404765 AC-NO: 20704903         or PayPal >>

Link to new lodgers details form to save time on arrival LINK